Retirement Plans That Cost Less and Earn More

Dental Runs in Our Family!

At Twelve Points, we understand the unique issues facing dental practices. In fact, it’s how many of our own family members earn their living. We’ve spent years assisting general dentists, orthodontists, periodontists, endodontists, oral surgeons and their staff in managing both their personal finances and retirement plans.

Our goal is to help keep more money in your pocket today and ensure your investments grow faster — and with less risk — for a comfortable retirement tomorrow.

As fiduciary advisors we always put our client’s needs first — and that’s something traditional brokers and financial planners cannot say.

Let one of our advisors explain the Twelve Points approach to retirement planning and learn how it can benefit you and everyone in your office.

We have partnered with Dental Purchasing Group to offer more to our dental clients. As a Group Purchasing Organization, DPG, is able to leverage lower costs on everything dentists need to run their business by achieving group rates.

Case Studies

Is it Time for a Change
in Your Dental Retirement Plan?

Dr. McMahon, DMD paid little attention to the 401(k) plan offered to the dental office staff.

In the back of his mind, however, he had an inkling that the plan was lacking. It had been in place for over a decade and neither he nor his employees were adequately educated about the various investment options. He also suspected that the plan was too costly and that fact alone put him at some risk as the plan sponsor.

The Value of Getting a Second
Opinion in the Dental Industry

No matter the industry, we often hear business owners tell us their retirement plan is “all set.”

However, once we have a chance to delve into their plan, more often than not we find that they are far from all set. This rings more true for the dental industry because, unlike other fields where the CEO’s only task is to run the company, dentists have to both run a business and practice dentistry. We know this firsthand; my wife is a dental assistant and another member’s father is a dentist.


Low Expenses
Most retirement plans are loaded with high-cost mutual funds that rarely beat their indices and reduce participant returns. Our retirement plans focus on low-cost index funds to make sure your money works as hard as you did to earn it.

Diversified Investments
The bulk of an investment portfolio’s performance is driven by asset class exposure — not by timing the market or choosing one fund over another. That’s why our retirement plans focus on true asset class diversification — not more investment options, different investment options.

Participant Education
Few retirement plan providers offer quality education for participants. As a result participants often blindly chase performance and reduce their account value. Our retirement plan specialists provide group- and individual-level education to help every participant maximize their return.

Long-Term Perspective
Despite living in an age when immediacy is all that matters, retirement planning is a decades-long process. Our plan design, investment approach, and retirement specialists combine to keep the focus on your ultimate goal: a comfortable retirement.

In Your Best Interests
The vast majority of retirement plans are sold by traditional brokers and financial planners who are held to a “suitability” standard. That means they can consider their own self-interest when recommending investment options. Our retirement plan specialists are held to a “fiduciary” standard and are required by law to always do the best thing for the client.

Give us a call for a free no-obligation review of your existing retirement plan
and learn how we can put more money in your pocket.


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